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Pangkor Island Malaysia IOTA  AS-072

Ham Friendly Hotel

Info by Johnny Melvin, G3LIV who visited on 01/06/2000

Pangkor Island Malaysia IOTA  AS-072
Pan Pacific Hotel, Pangkor
Contact: Pan Pacific Hotel has web page http://www.panpac.com/malaysia/pangkor/resort/resort.html

Hotel is very helpful. The buying managers name is Subra, and he is 9W2SU (VHF License) if you direct your request to him he will deal with hotel on your behalf. I had a 2nd floor room. There are 30-40 foot trees you can use for antennas. The top of the roof was flat, and was ok for 20 full size ground plane. Subra can even loan you the coax if needed. He also has a FT 757 which is possible to borrow/rent. Subra was hoping to erect permanent antennas, but I think thatís unlikely to happen.


Ham Friendly Hotel

Info by Johnny Melvin, G3LIV who visited on 01/06/2000
Contact:Langkawi Holiday Villas,Lot 1698 Pantai Tengah. Kedah 07000 Langkawi. Tel-00-605-9551701...Fax-00-604-9551504.

Simple hotel but very friendly. Wonderful beach and pool. Very good and cheap food in the two hotel restaurants. Rooms are air conditioned. but not main hotel.There are trees outside most balconies in MAIN HOTEL. Rooms a bit sparse, but if you upgrade to Junior Suite ( very little extra ) its great and well worth it. Wire antennas are best, as there is a steep pitch roof which is not good for verticals. I would go back here. Costs in area for food and usual soft drinks usual expensive in the hotel, but 7 cans of Coke purchased in local shop was £1.00 sterling ($1.50 USD).


Ham Friendly Hotel

Info by Johnny Melvin, G3LIVjohnny@melvin.comwho visited in July 1999

Shangri-Las,Golden Sands Hotel††

Batu Ferringhi Beach,11100 Pulau Pinang
Tel (04)8811911...FAX (04) 8811880.

Mr Ben Bousuina was General Manager during my trip.

Because of the change to Malaysian Regulations for the year 2000. No paperwork was available to be allowed license to transmit. The civil servants were "unable to help". All arrangements had been agreed with hotel. So it was a pure official situation that licenses could not be obtained. This was also the situation for the licensed hams on island. However the hotel was ready to assist. In fact on my first full day there I got an internal call from the Chief Engineer of the hotel to say the crew were ready to erect my antennas for me. They were most upset when I explained the situation. Food is excellent, facilities Excellent. Whole place EXCELLENT.

Ham Friendly Resort:

Luca, IW2CXJ reports in September 2003:

I stayed at the Tahjung Rhu Resort.My operation was only on 50 Mhz with a little qrp radio.


G3LIV reports this is the new centre for 9M2 License:

Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission
Leve 11 Menara Dato'onn
Putra World Trade Center
45 Jalan Tun Ismail
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel   +603-2942121
Fax   +603-2940943. (de K2KW:the website lists the FAX number as +603 2694 0908)
Email shtoh@cmc.gov.my

License form can be downloaded from their web page http://www.cmc.gov.my/(go to forms)

The form is found on: http://www.cmc.gov.my/appratusframe.htm, then click on D) Amateur Service

Here are some other MCMC web pages relating to amateur radio:



G3LIV reports:Do not expect any replies to faxes.
Cost is approx £20  for 3 months license. Willing to supply but system is very very slow.

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