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Current status of amateur radio in Iran is not clear at this time. Some background information can be found on EP2FM's site for the Amateur Radio Society of Iran at: http://www.qsl.net/ep2fm/AmateurRadioInIran.htm

A note from EP3FM on 8 April 01:

The formal standing so far has been that no operation permits will be issued for expatriates, and none have been issued for Iranians (I assume new permits de K2KW).

        No private Station Licenses (and callsigns ) have been issued since 1979  in Iran.

        The only private stations with any claim to legal license are EP2FM ,EP2CM and EP2KG and of these 3, only I am actively operating. EP2CM and EP2KG seldom operate.

        There are a number of applicants who have passed the third class (Novice) radio amateur exam and have a certificate to show that and are officially waiting for their Station Licenses to be able to operate

        Due to long delay in the issuance of Station License (and callsigns) the administration set up a club station in the admin.building 3 years ago (EP3PTT), and recently added another one (EP4PTT) in Shiraz. The above mentioned novices are supposed to book a time ( between 2 and 8 PM local , 1030 to 1630 UTC to operate the station (100 watts, 14 MHz SSB only). Actually the station is operated by Mr. Massoud Adle (home call EP2ES)  on Sundays and Mondays and he is the most regular operator. He is an old- timer but without a home station at present who received his license and call in early 1960s.

         During the past 2 decades, a large number of stations with fake EP calls, some of them not even located in Iran, have operated for short or long periods.

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 Abdollah Sadjadian,EP2FM
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