8P - Barbados


No Rent-a-QTHs known at this time. The 8P9Z rental location is no longer in existence. (summer 2001)



Villa Specialist I worked with a villa specialist from IslandTrips.com 800-823-2002; 410-692-2093 or Fax 410-692-9579. Ask for Melanie her father is a ham, and she has worked with hams before in renting locations on 8P, FM, J6, FS, and VP5. I have no commercial interest in this company, but they have worked with hams before, which is an advantage. They also work with a ticket consolidator for cheap tickets. De K2KW, 27 Sept 2000

The Amateur Radio Society of Barbados http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Resort/5145/page3.html

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