J6 - St. Lucia


Rent-a-QTH on St. Lucia. One bedroom, radio room, kitchen, patio. Radio, amp, Tribanders, rotatable 40m dipole, wires on 80/160m.

Please: DX Shack J6 Manager, MR. Bernard Thomas J69B (He speaks English)

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1328 Castries St. Lucia BWI
TEL +1-758-453-6545 (Home)
TEL +1-758-451-4870 (Office)
FAX +1-758-451-4221

NO Email address, but web site at: http://www.qth.com/dxshack/

Words of Caution from K5ZM:

I want to say a few words about the logistics (?) of this gig. When I last spoke with Bernard, he had yet to re-do the website. The URL is correct, but a few things need to be mentioned. The 2 JA ops who are listed as contacts, for one thing. As I understand it, the way this whole thing came about results from one of these two JA operators 'discovering' Bernard's place while down in J6. Bernard mentioned that he had been having trouble 'marketing' the place. The JA ops offered to act as agents on his behalf. And one of them left a rig there. All well and good, except that Bernard hasn't had any contact with either of them since!

Prior to my going down there, a few of the FDXPG guys went down for the '99WW. They sent the required 'deposits' to the JA op, and never heard from him. They've made several attempts to get the funds returned, all without success. Fortunately, since I wasn't going down for another few months, I took their warnings and dealt directly with Bernard. In the case of both the FDXG guys and myself, no deposit was required (although I suspect this was an isolated case of pity, hi!) The kicker in all of this is that one of these JA ops used to be on our m/m team at W7RM. He disappeared around this same time. A few of the Seattle guys have told me that they've seen him around, but he always ducks and runs.

So.. my advice to any potential J6 op wanting to go to DX SHACK ST. LUCIA: Deal directly with Bernard! Folks should keep in mind, however, the basic concept of island time. Give him plenty of notice... and several follow ups. By keeping these 'agents' out of the equation, you'll have a much better time of it!

73 es CU from J6 in WW CW '01!
Ian, K5ZM / ZF2ZM / J68ZM

Ham Friendly Villa

Ian, K5ZM k5zm@wvdxc.org writes in March, 2002:

Villa Cadasse http://www.tropicalvillas.net/cadasse.htm

Just back from J6 where I and members of the SWODXA did a M/M operation in the WPX SSB contest. As a point of information to all who may be interested in operating here, The Panorama is no longer available for rent. It was taken off the rental market some time ago.

We operated from Villa Cadasse, which is also in Cap Estate (near the old Panorama villa). It *is* on the (for sale) market, but continues to be available for rent. It's in another part of the estate, and the drop-offs are less pronounced, but otherwise seems to be on a par with The Panorama. Check out the accompanying link for more info.

73, Ian, K5ZM / ZF2ZM / J68ZM

Ham Friendly Villa

The following report is from Alan, G3XAQ on 5/5/02:

Hotel Capri

Phone: +1 758 450 0009

Andy Davies, a young ex-pat Brit, converted this former Thai embassy into an hotel just over a year ago. It is on Cap Estate north of Castries, where all the villas are, and overlooks the Le Sport all inclusive resort at Smugglers Cove. The site does not have the takeoff of Villa Panorama, but a double room with full English breakfast only costs $100 US in low season. Andy will even throw in complimentary airport transfers if you stay a week or more.

I just used 100W and a wire doublet on a fishing pole poked out from the hotel balcony in early May 2002. The aerial could not have been more than 20ft high, but the steep ground slope to the north down to the ocean gave me good pile ups into US, EU and JA. Room 19 is probably the most convenient for this type of aerial. If you are desperate to take along a beam then Andy can probably rustle you up a scaffold pole which could be lashed to the wooden pergola at the side of the building. Power is 220v with British style "13 amp" sockets.

This hotel is only good for holiday-style DXpeditions, although I did make 1600 QSOs in 4 days of casual operating and still had plenty of time for playing tourist. Serious and well funded contesters should use Villa Panorama. It *is* available for rent, despite some disagreements between Tropical Villa Rentals and the new owners. Contact Peter Antrobus directly at peterandjan@villaswithaview.fsnet.co.uk for details.

One last comment about Hotel Capri. It is the friendliest establishment I have stayed in for a very long while. Andy manages to tread that fine line between being laid back yet running an efficient establishment. Tell him I sent you there, then he'll buy me a drink or two on my next visit!

(ex) Ham Friendly Villa Villa Panorama is NO LONGER available for rental de K5ZM April 2002

Villa Travel Specialist I worked with a villa specialist from IslandTrips.com 800-823-2002; 410-692-2093 or Fax 410-692-9579. Ask for Melanie her father is a ham, and she has worked with hams before in renting villas on 8P, FM, J6, FS, and VP5 (these are NOT ham QTHs, just nice villas). I have no commercial interest in this company, but they have worked with hams before, which is an advantage. They also work with a ticket consolidator for cheap tickets. De K2KW, 27 Sept 2000

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