V3 - Belize



The following was provided by Tony, N3ME in July 2003:

Bob Fox - V31MD - rafox@btl.net will rent the first floor of his two story home to visitors (ham or other).  Web site is www.wishwilly.net.

Bob is located on the lagoon side of Placentia, Belize in a beautiful area.  A gracious host, he assisted me in obtaining my license, which was waiting for me when I arrived. 

I sent a letter to:

Office of Telecommunications
Mr. Kingsley Smith, Sr. Tech Officer
011 501 222 4938 Voice
011 501 222-4940 Fax

In my letter, I sent a list of three callsigns with a request for any one of the three and stated that if none of the three were available, to please issue any callsign.  Good fortune prevailed and I was issued the callsign of V31ME, which goes very nicely with my US callsign of N3ME. 

Mr. Smith (puctelecom@btl.net) sent me a confirming e-mail message advising that a license fee of $20 US made payable to the Public Utilities Commission should be forwarded to:

Public Utilities Commission
Mr. Kingsley Smith
P.O. Box 300
Belize City, Belize

Furthermore, he stated he would Air Mail the license to me upon receipt of payment.  As it turned out, a local ham, Bob Fox, V31MD paid for and picked up my license for me.  Mr. Smith also asked me to E-Mail him a list of equipment that I planned to bring with me so he could also issue a Temporary Import Permit for presentation to Belize Customs upon my arrival into the country.  How pleasant to discover such an accommodating government employee.  As it turned out, I made arrangements to use Bob's station so I did not take anything other than my laptop computer, which did not require an import permit. 

I had a wonderful time touring the country and operating as the DX station - thanks to Bob Fox, V31MD.

Ham Friendly Hotel:  “The Blue Tang Inn” (formerly “Rocks” place) on Ambergris Caye.

Rick W7AV writes that he visited The Blue Tang on 22/06/01 and reports the following:

The Blue Tang Inn on Ambergris Caye in the town of San Pedro is VERY Ham Friendly.  A man was assigned to make sure all my antenna were put up to my liking and made changes as I needed them.  Get Room 15 which is on the 3rd floor and has the best location for antenna's.  The Inn has been practically rebuilt since Hurricane Keith and has a great pool and 3rd floor deck now.  24 hour security (not that you need it).  Hotel is right on the Beach.  Tipping is appreciated after antenna work.  Good steady 115V AC (Rick does not think there is 220v available in the rooms). There are a few 20-30’ poles at the hotel which can be used to support antennas.  I operated as V31TE and my wife as V31ZD.  We will return to the Blue Tang Inn hopefully next year.    

Contact:  http://www.ambergriscaye.com/bluetang/index.html  or www.bluetanginn.com

Ham Friendly Hotel on Ambergris Caye: Mayan Princess Hotel.

Ham Friendly Hotel on Ambergris Caye - The Belize Yacht Club. Interested parties can contact John, W2NA via email at: jdowning@intelenet.net. No phone calls please!

Note from W2NA: Belize itself is very ham friendly. It is absolutely necessary to have the
correct paperwork complete prior to your arrival in the country. i.e.,
every radio, even HTs, require a transmitter permit which is available for
free; you need your Belizean license - also available at nominal cost; and
you need an import permit for your gear all available from the Belize
Telecommunications Department located on Mahogany Street in Belize City.

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