VP2E - Anguilla


Ham Friendly Hotel - http://web.ai/harbourview/

Ham Friendly Apartment:  VP2EB rents out an apartment, but you have to furnish all your own antennas, equipment, etc.  The following is the last contact information I have, and I do not know if it’s current (de K2KW)

+1 264 497 2500. fax: +1 264 497 3770 http://www.ai/axavilla/

Ham Friendly Villa - Jimmy W6JKV (big 6m guy) had great success there. Visit W6JKV's web page: http://www.uksmg.org/vp2e.htm

Ham Friendly Villa:  Milly's – see http://www.offshore.com.ai/millys/ used in the 2000 CQ WW SSB Contest

Four apartment complex on hill (one unit is currently being renovated).   There is reasonable space for a multi mutli set up and probably room for a few good beverage runs.  At first owner was concerned about the antennas, but warmed up to the group and invited them back.  The group brought 2 tribanders at 20’, and other antennas/wires, and had a respectable score. Milly's upstairs rooms are $140 a day.

Note:  The N5AU complex is about 1/4 to 1/2 miles away from Millie’s.  This could be an issue for any operation from Millie’s if the N5AU team is on the air (they have LOTS of BIG towers).

One nice thing about the island is the roads are very easy to use.  Unfortunately the airline connections are difficult with only 2 flights from San Juan out of season, and 4 flights during season.  One can fly into St. Maarten and take a ferry over  (or a local flight).

License cost is $40 for balance of year.  I doubt any VP2E plus one letter calls are left.  I spent an hour with Mr. Richardson, the
licensing official, going over records to find available call plus one calls for the three of us.  He prefers to issue VP2E plus initials if
not already used.

73  Harry AC8G  hflasher@dayton.net

Anguilla Amateur Radio Society Homepage - last updated in 95, before the big hurricane. Not sure if any of the info is valid anymore, but might give someone a few leads. http://www.candw.com.ai/~stottl/aars.html

http://www.villas.ai/ Great web page that lists many villas to rent, as well as a good resource on Anguilla. Also check out http://anguillahomepage.ai/anguilla.html for island information. Good map at http://www.caribbean-on-line.com/ag/agmap.shtml

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