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Ham Friendly Hotel Tortola Island

Lloyd Hill Villas. Some photos on the villas can be found on K7AR's web page at: http://www.qsl.net/k7ar/photo.htm

Comment from K7AR: Regarding the Lloyd Hill Villas the owners are very friendly and I've been there twice. I think we made a good impression on the owner by leaving the place really clean when we left. Keep in mind this is a vacation villa place, there are no established radios or antennas. You need to bring everything with you. If someone is willing to do that, it's a nice QTH about 1500' feet elevation with a nice view to Europe and US.

Ham Friendly Hotel Virgin Gorda Island

Bill Eisinger, AA7A visited the Mango Bay Resort on 20/03/00 and provided the following information:

This is a collection of beach side villas on the island of Virgin Gorda. There is no established amateur station so you will need to bring everything.  The proprietors had no problem at all with me setting up antennas, etc. The villas closest to the beach are fairly good size and would be a good spot for a contest operation.  Virgin Gorda is very small and isolated so it is a good combination for DXing and relaxing. We had a couple of power outages during our stay but I don't think that is normal, as they were doing maintenance on the main power cable coming from Tortola. Web Site: www.mangobayresort.com

Ham Friendly Hotel Tortola Island

Also try the Long Bay Beach Resort. It has individual cottages and nicely sized palm trees for wires. Manager is David Birch PO Box 433 Roadtwown, Tortola BVI 809 495 4252. They have some experience with Ham radio. (from OH2MCN website, info from 1996?)

License & Operating Info by Phil KC2GDF who visited on 09/2004

I was in Tortola in September of 2004. I brought my VX-5R HT with me. I went to the Government building and got the run around several times about getting a reciprocal license. When I finally found the right guy, he sent me to the Transportation or Traffic building.

Tortola is small and the building is not hard to find, it is on the main street in RoadTown. The radio guy is Darrel Woodley is on the third floor, the building doubles as their version of the DMV.

Mr Woodley sold me a reciprocal license upon seeing my US license. The fee was $10.00 US, as were in the second half of the year.

Your call will be VP2V/your call

Authorization is for all ITU approved bands (region 2) with 400 watts of PEP.

Note: There is no Technician class here, so you will receive a General class license.

In addition he will give you a rule sheet, and a list of the HAMs in the BVI, you will also get a repeater list for the entire Virgin Islands including the US, Dutch and French portions. The list is dated as some of these machines are not on the air, and some newer 440 machines are not listed.

Another Note: The 2 meter machine in St Johns is used for some kind of rescue activity so they get pissed when you key it at night. I would check during the daytime what the deal with that particular machine is.

Background Information (Sailing in the Islands): Andy, K1WI wrote a Web-Extra article for the ARRL called "CQ From Paradise" that might be worth checking out. You can do a search on the ARRL to find this article. March 2003.

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