VP5 - Turks and Caicos Islands


Rent-a-QTH on Providenciales. "The Hamlet." Hillside house above the ocean. Contact Jody Millspaugh, VP5JM. JODY MILLSPAUGH, P.O.BOX 218, PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS 

Lots of antennas. Large enough for M/M contest groups, or good for single op. Jody is a great host. Email jody@tciway.tc Phone: (809)946-4436 Web site: www.vp5jm.com.


Rent-a-QTH on Middle Caicos. Whale Watch, a 2BR/2BA villa overlooking the north shore. Contact: Ron, N4KE. P.O. Box 1992, Orange Park, FL 32067. Phone: (904)-282-0158 FAX: (904)-282-2776 http://www.vp5.com/caicos/ww.shtml E-mail:islands@southeast.net Icom 736, Bencher key, Heil Pro headphones, 40' tower on a 75' hill overlooking the ocean with an A4 tribander + 30/40m kit, wires for 80m -160m. No amplifier or computer is provided, bring your own. 220v is available.

Rent-a-QTH on North Caicos. K4ISV’s QTH has been sold in spring of 2005 to Dr. Victoria Lynch of London, England. 

From Bud, K4ISV: All guest reservations were honored through this season.  All ham radio equipment and antennas have been removed.  We certainly appreciate all of the guests that visited!!   I am now in the process of obtaining another home in the Caribbean....of course, it will include ham radio!  Updates will appear at www.qth.com/vp5


Rent-a-QTH on Provo.  New QTH being built by Bill, KX4WW called “Seaview Villa”, and should be ready for ham rentals in the near future.  There is now a 45 foot tower up {on a 50 foot ridge} with a CL-33 tribander. Bill will be adding a 2 element Cushcraft 40 meter beam soon. More information to come…    KX4WW  Info provided Mar 01, 2002


Ham Friendly Locations: These days it seems that the Rent-a-QTH's get the majority of the ham business. In past years, hams have operated from most of the large hotels. The Erebus Inn used to have a tower, but that is now down - I don't know if they still are open to hams. (K2KW)

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