XE - Mexico


QTH for Sale:  03/20/01 QTH OF XE2DV/W7ZR  SAN FELIPE, BC

Contact: Richard Zalewski 520-505-5489.  email Richard at w7zr@redrivernet.com, or visit his website at: www.w7zr.com

DX QTH FOR SALE.... QTH of XE2DV  located just 3 hours south of the California
boarder and south of San Felipe in Baja California, Mexico.  This is a
completely finished 2400 sq. ft. home built on 3 lots.  The house will come
with 120' Rohn 45 tower, antennas, and rotators if desired.  It is located right
on the beach and is currently our year around residence.  Extensive solar
power system with new diesel generator backup.  It has a combination
kitchen and living area, a dining room, storage room, bathroom, and
generator room on the first floor.  On the second floor it has the air
conditioned master bedroom with porch and the ham shack.  All rooms are
large and all rooms are finished with either tile or carpeted floors. 

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