YN - Nicaragua


No specific information at this time.  Club de Radio Experimentadores de Nicaragua has a new web page (in Spanish) but there isnt much information on it.  The web page has a strange file format and construction, and you need to let the images come up on the main page before you can surf thier site.  I have had many problems with the site coming up (K2KW Jan 8, 2001)

You might try the club Email of: cren@usa.com

Website: http://www.qsl.net/yn1yn/home/html/yn1yn/index.html

I ran across this webpage for a nice YN island to vacation on.  I know nothing about it.  It just looked like a nice place to explore. (K2KW Feb 7, 2001)  http://www.tropical-islands.com/vacation.htm#OUR%20ISLANDS

Do you have more information on places to operate in this country?

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