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Possible Club Station: Visit the CLUB DE RADIO AFICIONADOS DE EL SALVADOR (in Spanish) at : http://www.milian.org./faf/cras.html- my Spanish is bad, but it seems to indicate there is a club station that can be used. Otherwise, contact some of the club hams for more information.


Raymundo, YS1RR reports on 6 April 01: Situation for Licenses issue is now changing and is managed between Telecommunication Office (SIGET) and CRAS http://www.milian.org./faf/cras.html

The president of the Club is Mr Francisco Fischnaler and his e-mail address is:
"Francisco Fischnaler" <ys1faf@sv.cciglobal.net>
Pse write Francisco and ask him about time for issue a license.

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Raymundo  YS1RR e-mail address: ys1rr@navegante.com.sv  or  ys1rr@arrl.net
Tel/Fax ( 503 ) 273 0869 & ( 503 ) 273 0738

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