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Ham Friendly Hotel: The Hideaway Resort used by PA3AXU 1998.

Hideaway Resort, P.O. Box 233, Sigatoka, Fiji

Also visited by Paulo, IV3UHL in late 1993 and early 94.  Paolo reports:  A very nice place for amateur radio activity.  Just have to ask permission to the hotel manager to install large arrays as the garden is very clean and it is the main attraction of the site, with tall palms and green grass.  Accommodation in bungalows, and you can ask for special bungalow for your shack.  Too bad the hotel is located in the southern part of the island.  Anyway, propagation conditions weren't bad at all. Unfortunately prices are quite high, around 140AUS$ a-day in 1994, perhaps accommodation is more expensive today.

Ham Friendly Hotels (from OH2MCN): Sea Shell Cove Resort (cheap) in Momi Bay near Nadi (airport) has had many OH visitors. http://www.seashellresort.com/

Update by Rolf, DK2ZF, who visited in March, 2004:

Contact Info: Virginia Smith    email : seashell@connect.com.fj
Comments: Sea Shell Cove Resort is located at the west side of the island. Breathtaking sunsets. Operated from the luxury apartment . Cable length just 20m - Vertical located direct at the lagoon. Free takeoff from 230 degrees via north to abt 30 degrees. No interference on all freqs but high noise on 80mtrs . Excellent for Europe/Asia/Japan  less for USA shadowed by hills to the east. Good restaurant and David’s Bar is a must !!!

 Some ideas for budget travel (no reports by hams on these locations, but found while surfing one day.  K2KW)  http://www.fiji4less.com/index.html

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Ham Friendly Villa on Taveuni Island – Matei Point Villa

Team Vertical Location for the 3D2XA CQ WW CW M/M Entry in 2004

Information by Kenny K2KW, December 2004

Contact: Scott Schulman, 8858 Troxel Road,  Chico, Ca. 95928.  Tel: 530-343-4973  Web Site: http://www.taveuniresort.com

Taveuni, also known as the Garden Island, is a wonderful quiet and lush island.  It’s also home to the SomoSomo Straights, which has some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world.  This is a very quiet island, and is mostly frequented by divers and honeymooners.  There’s 4 flights a day (on small “puddle jumpers”) on two different airline companies, so maybe 40-60 people a day will come to the island – it’s very quiet.  For the most part, you will provide all your own entertainment during your visit.

Main house has 3 bedrooms, though there are other bures (cottages) on the property that can be rented for a larger group.  There is no main electrical power for the island, but each house is powered by it’s own generator.  The main generator is about 10Kw at the villa.  We ran 6 100w stations with no problem.  We suspect we could run a few small linears too. The property is on a peninsula at the extreme northern tip of the island with great water paths to most areas of the world.  The closest water to the house is the east beach, which is about 175’ away, but only has a water path towards the east.  The very tip of the peninsula is a solid 320’ coax run.  The west beach is about a 200’ coax run and only has a water path to the east. From a radio perspective, its VERY quiet – no noise at all.  There is about a 5’ tide at this location, and we mounted all our antennas on the boulders out in the water, which were all submerged at high tide.  We needed 5-6’ bases to keep the verticals out of the water, even though they were mounted on 3-5’ tall rocks

You will need to eat out, or do your own cooking.  There are a number of small and good restaurants within walking distance.  For great home made cakes and desserts, with home brewed Fijian coffee, make sure you walk down to “Audry’s”.  For the first few nights, we hired one of the local cooks, who prepared wonderful meals.  He was also the cook on the boat for a major DXpedition!

To get to the island, you need to fly into Nadi, and then take a small plane to Taveuni.  This is a very small plane, and they charge you a lot for luggage.  Sometimes they won’t charge you for excess luggage if it’s only a little.  But if you do bring a lot of luggage, expect to be charged.  If so, ask for your equipment to be sent via cargo.  It’s at a greatly reduced rate, and will likely fly on the same plane.  If not, it will be sent later that day, or the next morning.

The host and caretakers of the villa, Pita and Lo, are wonderful people.  Pita is an electrician, and has many standard tools, but we still brought our own.  Make sure you have Pita and Lo prepare a “Lovo” during your stay (a lovo is a Fijian slow cooked barbeque that’s buried while cooking).  Pita is probably the best musician on the island, and will sing original songs with his band during the lovo.  It’s a truly magical experience and not to be missed (I would suggest taking a video of his band playing, though he does have a CD).  Also at the lovo you will sample kava!  Some good outings are to go to the international date line, which runs right through the island.  Also, a good and strenuous hike up the main mountain is in cool air, and is home to an indigenous flower that is found no where else on earth.

We loved our stay here.  It was truly relaxing.

Travel was arranged by a local Expat Bob Goddess.  Bob was a great help and arranged cheap flights for us.  He was also a great help with information.  Contact Bob at:

Bob Goddess
c/o Marau Vale
POB 10
Matei, Taveuni
Fiji Islands
ph:  679-888-0522
fax: 679-888-0523
email: inparadise@connect.com.fj

73, Kenny K2KW


License Information by Aisea 3D2AA

This is regarding visitors wanting to obtain a 3D2 amateur license.
It seems there's a lot of frustration trying to contact the right individuals beside other delays.
The Fiji government department is the Ministry of Information and the section is Communications ( Radio Regulatory unit).
The person is Jale Curuki jcuruki@connect.com.fj .  Their new phone number is 679-3318507. Also contact Jone Buliruarua for advice if Jale is not available. The phone number is 3384766 and the fax number is 3386310. 
The Communication section has moved to the Credit Corporations building at Gordon Street down town Suva city as of February 2005.

License Info by Kenny K2KW: 

We did all of our licensing work via Jone Buliruarua, who was most helpful. Jone’s Email is: jbuliruarua@govnet.gov.fj .  The license fee is $14.06 FJD which is about $8.00USD. It’s preferred that payment be made in cash. You can send payment by registered article and attention it to Jone.  (for our trip, one person sent the mail via registered letter, the others just with normal mail.  NONE of the payments ever made it to Jone).
License processing takes only a few minutes provided they have all the required information (i.e. copy of HAM license, duration of stay in Fiji, equipment details, license fee and passport size photo)
It will convenient for you to list the equipment first before requesting for a permit. Last minute equipment changes will create a lot of inconvenience for you at the airport. Upon your arrival in Nadi just declare the equipment to the customs officer and show him the permit. (frankly, we didn’t say anything, and we were waved straight through.  This is one location where Pelican cases are quite normal.)

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