9M6 - East Malaysia



In East Malaysia, Sabah Province. Hillview Gardens Resort, 9M6AAC. Shack includes 3 rigs (FT990, IC735 & IC756PRO), two amps (AL811/Acom 2000A) and a computer for logging. Internet access. Antennas include Cushcraft CD204 20m monobander at 75 feet, CD402 40m at 85 feet, Force 12 C3 (incl.WARC) at 40 feet, stacked 6 meter beams, A3W (WARC)w/30m, wires for 80m and 160m. Other equipment includes Astron, Heil, CT and Log-EQF. Station continually being upgraded when possible. Facilities include 50-foot swimming pool, on-site restaurant, CQ Bar and Lounge, motel-style air-conditioned rooms (including the shack). One week reservation suggested for major contests. Reasonable rates. Contact Bob Schenck, N2OO/9M6OO. E-mail: n2oo@arrl.net or Alfons Undan hillview@alfons.com Visit the Hillview Gardens web site at: http://www.hillviewgardens.com Visit the 9M6AAC web site at: http://www.qsl.net/9m6aac.

Rent-a-QTH  New station in Kota Kinabalu. 


Contact: Hiroko Ito at Blue Lagoon Tour,1-16, Nihonbashi-Koamicho, Chuo Tokyo 102-0016 JAPAN.
Web site:  http://www.api-japan.com        E-mail: apiapi@dream.com


RIGS: YAESU MARK-V FT-1000MP, FT-920, FL-7000



Tower #1 14m high tower with Force12 C4 on 7-28MHz, Force12 EF-606 on 50MHz,

Cushcraft R8J on 7-50MHz and 3.5/10/18/24MHz wires


Tower #2 10m high roof tower with Force12 C3 and 5el Yagi on 50MHz


While booking must be done via Hiroki Ito (above) additional information about the hotel can be found at http://www.infosabah.com.my/syabas/   



For information on ham radio in 9M6, try contacting Godfrey Yin, 9M6GY.  His web page is http://www.qsl.net/9m6gy/


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