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Ham Friendly Resort

Submitted by Guenter, DL2AWG who visited on 05/2003

Ha`atafu Beach Resort Http://www.tongaholiday.com
Owner Steve he comes from VK
email: steve@surfingtonga.com

The Ha`atafu Beach Resort is a special Resort for surfers. There is a very good beach good for snorkeling and swimming. The cottages are very simple made in tonga style. No fan no air condition one queen size bed with mosquito-net 2 plastic chairs and a table. You can see it on the website. The accommodation rate included breakfast and dinner. And can drink tea and coffee all the time. Steves wife makes a very good dinner. You can built up antennas. I have used a Hexbeam and a Windom antenna.

Ham Friendly Hotel: The Kahana Lagoon Resort used by PA3AXU in 1998.

Hotel contact info at: http://www.vacations.tvb.gov.to/kahana.htm

For more information on the Tonga Islands, visit the Tonga Island Web page at: http://sfconsulate.gov.to/

Ham Friendly Hotel: Atata Island, Royal Sunset Resort
Visited by Paolo IV3UHL in 1993. Daily motorboat shuttle takes you to Atata Island from Tongatapu harbor. Price is inexpensive. Once at Atata you can ask for a BURE, THE NEAREST ONE TO THE SHORE, to set up your antenna array. Right on the other side of the island, my 40m dipole antenna with coax cable (even if doubting it's still working) still should be hanged to real tall palm trees. There are days that you are the only guest in the hotel ,that means complete "relax and DX"

Background Information for A35 by Paul Kidd, A35RK (Paul QSYd to the USA, and is no longer in A3):

Arrival Information:

There are scheduled arrivals via Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Auckland on Air New Zealand. Tonga is also served by Polynesian Airlines, Air Pacific, and Royal Tongan Airlines from Fiji. Royal Tongan Airlines also operates a direct flight between Sydney and Nuku'alofa.

Inter-island flights between Tongatapu (Nuku'alofa), Ha'apai, and Vava'u are provided by Royal Tongan Airlines on a daily basis. Flights to Niuatoputapu and Niuafo'ou are made every 2-3 weeks, but the schedule is variable, seating and baggage allowance is limited, and seats must be booked well in advance of each flight.

Further information about flight schedules, and other points of interest, can be obtained from the Tonga Visitors Bureau via e-mail: tvb@kalianet.to

Licensing Information:

Obtaining an A35 license is easy: present your current ORIGINAL license, passport, and pay T$20 (about USD$13) to the Tonga Telecommunications Commission, located in the capitol city of Nuku'alofa, upon arrival. A license and callsign will be issued immediately.

Operating Regulations:

Operation on all ITU authorized amateur radio bands is permitted (160- 2 meters, including all WARC bands). However, there is a power limit of 100 watts on all amateur bands.

Tonga IOTA Information:

Tongatapu group.....OC-049 This is the "main" island; the capitol, Nuku'alofa, and the international airport
are located here. This is the government and commercial center of Tonga

Vava'u group........OC-064 This is a very beautiful island group, and is a popular tourist destination. Access
via scheduled air and ferry boat, and there are many places to stay

Ha'apai group.......OC-169 This island group is approximately 100 miles north of Tongatapu, and consists of
35, mostly uninhabited islands. Access is by scheduled air or ferry boat, and many accommodations are available

Niuafo'ou Island....OC-123 This is a very remote, difficult to access island, at the farthest northern limit of Tongan territory

Niuatoputapu........OC-191 This island is accessible, but still not Island easy to reach.

Recommended reading:

An excellent tourist guidebook is published by the Lonely Planet, entitled "Tonga". It contains a vast amount of information about Tonga: history, geography, culture, language, accommodations, activities, points of interest, etc. It is available at most large bookstores in the U.S.

Various Accommodations (not ham approved, but a good resource of information)


http://www.tonga.pacific-resorts.com/ (a lot of accommodation info for A3, ZK1, FO, 5W/KH8, KH6)

http://www.islandhoppervacations.com (good info on all Pacific Islands)

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