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Rent-a-QTH: Boracay DX Society. The property is on a 200' cliff overlooking a wonderful beach. Beam, G5RV, and full legal limit amp included. Contact:

Boracay DX Society
c/o Boracay Tourist Center
PO Box 552
Manila, 1099 P.I.
Phone: + 63(country code) 36 (area code)
288-5014, or 288-3873

Visit their web page at: http://members.tripod.com/boracaydave/mycompany.html

Additional information on Boracay can be found at: http://www.sinfonia.or.jp/~infortec/hotspots/boracay/index.htm

Semirara Islands IOTA OC-125

If you want to activate the rare IOTA OC-125: From Boracay Island (the same island listed above) on a clear day you can see Caluya Island, which is part of Semirara Islands (IOTA OC-125). The place advertising on Borocay is OK, but there are other accommodations on Boracay. From Borocay, you can organize transportation and all necessary gear (generator, gasoline etc.) for an excursion to Caluya Island. This is the process I used to activate the first IOTA trip to Semirara Islands in 1991 with I2YDX. There has been no other IOTA activation of Semirara Islands (as far as I know) so OC 125 is a rare one.

Getting provisions ready on Borocay was easy without any prearrangement, we were able to hire a boat, generator, and food, and departed for Caluya Island. On Caluya we could really experience the rural untouched Philippines. No tourists at all, there was no commercial accommodation, so we hired from the village head = barangay captain= a vacant hut.

Boracay gets 100 000 plus foreign tourists per year, it is a really sophisticated place with all kind of western style amenities, so you can hire there certainly a nice boat were you can sleep during your stay at Caluya Island. I don't believe there is public electricity yet at Caluya. But there are rumors that on neighboring Semirara Islands there is a coalmine. At night we could see lights, which indicates there is some form of public electricity system on Semirara Island. OC 125 consists of the islands of Caluya,Semirara,Sibay,Sibolon. All islands are nearer to reach from southern tip of Mindoro Island, but there is not a such sophisticated tourism infrastructure than on Boracay Island available, e.g. no direct flights from Manila.

Calamian Group, IOTA OC-090

I believe the Calamian Group is safe. I know the recent hostage taking in DU by the Abu Sayif rebels took place somewhere in Palawan Province. Calamian Group is the Northernmost part of Philippine's Palawan Province and the distance to Sulu Archipel and Basilan Island the strongholds of the rebels is quite big, so it should be safe. In April 1999 I reactivated this group and stayed at KokosNuss Garden Resort in Coron Town on Busuanga Island. A few months ago I rediscovered a pamphlet from this accommodation wrote a letter to the owner and got from him a few days ago an update about his place. I can recommend this place.

All information can be found on KokosNuss website:   http://www2.mozcom/~kkn/
Coron is an interesting place for divers as well. 1944 a camouflaged Japanese ship convoy anchored in Coron Bay was sunk by Allied Forces. In 1999 there were 5 diving companies operating in Coron and 24 hours electricity, in 1988 there was none and I operated from a battery.

73, Bernhard M.Stefan, DL2GAC dl2gac@t-online.de
Date Visited: April 2000

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