P2 – Papua New Guinea


Ham Friendly Hotel:

The following was provided by Kazuo, P29KM in September & December 2003:

I have recently operated at Malagan Beach Resort in Kevieng, New Ireland Province. It is a peaceful town in the north and flight time from Port Moresby is 90 min (Air Niugini jet). The manager of the hotel, Mr. John McLeod, is very radio amateur friendly and I could put DP between two palm trees in the premise within a few hours of my check-in. Kevieng is in the west coast of the New Ireland island and the hotel is next to the beach. Book for room 8 or 28, which are at the end of the building.   

Malagan Beach Resort
Contact Info: tel +675-9842344, Fax +675-9842452, E-mail miyamura-kkr@umin.ac.jp  or website http://www.malaganresort.com/


Ham Friendly Hotel: By K1XM in November 2000:   Loloata Resort  www.Loloata.com  is reasonably ham-friendly.  It is on an
island near Port Moresby and so avoids having to bring radios and antennas on the internal puddle jumper flights.

There is a big hill.  It blocks Europe from most of the resort.  If you stay in the end cabin, #16, and put your antennas on the
edge of the sand spit the hill will be to the West, and far enough south that it doesn't block anything too important

Lots of accommodations in PNG can be found on the PNG Tourism Website: http://www.pngtourism.org.pg/

Also try http://www.png.com/ for information….

Notice:  The US Department of State has a travel warning for PNG due to high crime, theft, abductions, etc…

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