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NOTICE: As you may have noticed, not many tourists have activated 9Y. This is largely due to the difficulty of bringing equipment into the country. In addition, some people have reported that equipment sent as checked-luggage has been stolen - it is unclear if this occurred in Trinidad or not.  License information and details for the importation of equipment can be found on OH2MCN's web page. This process was confirmed by the President of TTARS on August 10, 2000.  One of the requirements for bringing your equipment into 9Y is a bond for the value of the equipment (so they know you will take the equipment out when you leave).   Hams arriving with equipment that have not pre-arranged for a bond either have to pay large sums of money to get their equipment into the country, or it’s detained at customs until departure (no ham radio trip).  You have been warned!

Visitors are only allowed to use 9Y4/homecall - special calls like 9Y4X, 9Y4XX, and 9Y4XXX calls are not issued to visitors for any reason.

Rent-a-QTH: on Tobago Island

Andy, 9Y4ZC (ex DL4MEH) now has a FB Rent-a-QTH that is contest ready!

Information can be found at the website below.  But Andy sends the following information in October 2003: We are currently working on improvements like a second tribander on a separate mast, RX antennas for lowbands as well as standby power for the entire QTH.

Contact Info: Andreas "Andy" Kretzschmar, 5 Estate Ave., Cassleton Gardens, Trincity, Trinidad, W.I.
Phone 001868/640-7347
FAX   001868/640-4152
Mobil 001868/689-3611

Ham Friendly Villa:  Tobago Island – “Caricey Cottage” used by PA5ET on 01/08/1997 (see update from Bill, 9Y4/N4ZDL below…)
From the villa website:  Come and stay in this spacious villa, your home away from home, with over 250 sq. metres (2,300 sq. ft). of living space, located in one of the most convenient spots in Tobago. Take a five minute walk to the seaside's edge, where the sunsets are breathtaking. Everything you could want is within 15 minutes walking distance; restaurants, a supermarket, the airport, and two of Tobago's best beaches, Pigeon Point and Store Bay. From either of these beaches catch the Buccoo Reef glass-bottomed boats, which will take you to a world of coral reef life. Here you are able to watch and swim with shoals of rainbow coloured fish.

Caricey Cottage (pronounced CAREEJAY) is nestled below a spectacular Samaan tree. Under this massive shady tree, and next to our vine covered garden arbour, is a very large brick barbecue. The villa has been created so that, whilst those of you sit sipping your Pina Coladas on the Eastern porch in the quiet, shady zone beneath this majestic tree; others can sit chatting on the Western verandah, enjoying the sun, the pool and the privacy of our courtyard and its tropical flowerbeds.

There are three bedrooms, two of which open onto the pool/courtyard and have lofts for children to sleep on. The villa has beds for six adults and four children (1 Queen size, 4 Twin beds and 4 single beds). All the bedrooms are air-conditioned and also have ceiling fans. Climb the spiral stair-way in the living room and there is a spacious TV room, with video recorder and cable TV. The kitchen is large with all the modern conveniences, including a 30" stove, large fridge, microwave oven, deep freeze, washing machine, dryer, etc

Some HAM Information by PA5ET:
At the back/side of the house space is available for verticals, a beverage can be put next to the entrance road. Although you don't see the sea we had an excellent take of to NA and Europe. It's near some restaurants and super markets.

Contact Info:

http://www.trinidad.net/caricey/ (Villa web site)
http://www.qsl.net/lldxt/j6_9y4_1997/index.html (PA5ET’s web site)


Update from Bill, 9Y4/N4ZDL
Who Visited on 12/26/2003
Caricey Cottage (http://www.trinidad.net/caricey/)
Villas of Tobago (http://www.villasoftobago.com/)
Christine Charbonné
(868)639-9600 - Voice
(868) 639-4433 - Facsimile

Based on information posted by PA5ET here on DXHoliday, we rented the "Caricey Cottage" for our on family holiday and DXpedition over the Christmas holiday in December 2003.  Accommodations are excellent.  Villas of Tobago, Christine Charbonne and her staff, provide excellent service.  The "Caricey Cottage" housekeeper / cook, Joan, is a delight.  This vacation villa is located in the Bon Accord area of Tobago on the southwestern end of the island.  It is conveniently close to the airport, beaches (Pigeon Point), restaurants, and a grocery store.  My family especially enjoyed the tropical flower garden (replete with hummingbirds) and the private swimming pool.

Tobago is a beautiful island.  I recommend taking an eco-tour early in your visit to get the "lay of the land".  Mr. Bertrand Bhikarry of EssentiallyTobago.com (http://www.essentiallytobago.com/) is an excellent tour guide, highly recommended!

I installed a Butternut HF6V vertical 6-band antenna in the back yard of the cottage, and set my station up on the covered, back porch.  I made 518 contacts with 54 DXCC entities over seven days.  I did note some radiated interference (probably from nearby power lines) during some parts of the day.  I recommend taking precautions to combat EMI by using a noised canceling device  when operating from this QTH (e.g., MFJ 1026 or Timewave ANC-4).

I experienced no difficulty entering Tobago with my amateur radio equipment.

See my home page for the DXpedition for more information about the "Caricey Cottage" and about Tobago in general:

I have posted photographs of the "Caricey Cottage" in a Webshots photo album.  Go to the second page to view the albums from Tobago:

"Potentially" Ham Friendly Villa: The Fanstesea Resort villa on Trinidad Island appears to be friendly towards hams based on a conversation K2KW had with them on August 10, 2000 - but no hams have operated from there before. They are not opposed to ham antennas on the property or on the beach. The 2-acre location is on a point sticking out in the ocean on the north shore of Trinidad, and looks beautiful. There are 2 villas on the property: The Cabin is USD $250.00 per night and sleeps eight. The Cabana is USD $200.00 per night and sleeps four.

The Cabin is about 50' from the edge of the cliff, which is 30' high. The villa's private beach is about a 200' walk from the Cabin. This is a self-catering villa, but arrangements can be made for a cook. The supermarket is about an hour's drive away (I would assume is in Port of Spain). A rental car is recommended since the location is remote, and the countryside is beautiful. Voltage at the villa is 110v, but 220v is available to run the appliances (might require some electrical wiring to make available for ham use).

For more information on ham radio in Trinidad and Tobago, you may want to check the web page of the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio Society (TTARS) at: http://news.carib-link.net/~ttars/

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