PJ – Bonaire & Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)


Bonaire Island:

Rent-a-QTH:  Noah, K2NG, in a joint effort with K2TW, NO2R and K2QM (all are FRC members) has just started a new Rent-a-QTH in April of 2001.

Brand new 3 bedroom house on 1/4 acre lot located on top of a 300 foot mountain with an unbelievable shot to Europe and is good in all directions. All 3 bedrooms are air-conditioned and there is a permanent 8 foot by 3 foot radio table with conduit to outside. The house rents for $750/week and there is a $100/week fee for the use of the radio facilities. 


F12 C31XR on 60 foot Rohn 25 with T2X.
F12 240N (two 56' elements on 23 foot boom) on 90 foot Rohn 25 with T2X.
Stainless Steel 80/75 dipole hung between towers.
Pulley system on 90 foot tower for 160 or other wire antennas.


Station is now "plug and play" with Icom 756 Pro and AL1200. Phone in house with local internet access available

The house is about a 10 to 15 minute drive to town or dive sites. Also, the house is about 15 minutes from the PJ1B multi-multi station and can be used as a place to sleep and operate while there.

Station tour VHS tape available for $5 which is refundable when returned or if there is a subsequent rental.

Contact: Noah Gottfried, K2NG    

Noah Gottfried, POB 481, Johnsonburg, NJ 07846

Work Phone (845)731-2203
Home Phone (908)852-7430
House Phone in Bonaire 011-599-717-2174; Bonaire Address: 12 Subi Rincon, Bonaire 

E-mail: noah.gottfried@fnc.fujitsu.com

Photos of the house can be seen here: www.dxholiday.com/sa/k2ng

The house rental is through Bonaire Partners http://www.bonairepartners.com +599 717 4545

Curacao Island:

Rent-a-QTH:   Caribbean Contesting Consortium (PJ2T) now has “Signal Point” up and running, and has already hosted many large and successful contest operations. (This is the former QTH of PJ9JT). The super-station is complete with three towers of 100, 80, and 54 feet and many wires and Beverages. There are 17 Yagis, with stacks for 20, 15, and 10, and 2 elements on 40 meters at 107 feet. WARC Yagi and 30 meter inverted-V are also installed and operational. Inside the shack are three full KW contest stations complete with Pentium PCs, an Ethernet network, Internet connectivity, and a fourth smaller station for mult hunting. 2 meter FM for island repeaters and a 6 meter rig are also on site. 100 feet of oceanfront on a 36 foot high cliff overlooking the Caribbean, four double beds in two bedrooms, each with a full bath. Check out the Signal Point web site at: http://asgard.kent.edu/ccc/  For additional information on Signal Point, Email Geoff Howard, W0CG at: ghoward@kent.edu . Updated by Geoff, W0CG on April 20, 2002.

For larger groups, the “overflow” can stay at a nearby ham and family-friendly American-owned hotel, Sunset Waters Beach Resort, only a short walk away. (see below)

Ham Friendly Hotel:  Sunset Waters Beach Resort (ex Coral Cliffs Hotel) (All Inclusive property). This ham and family-friendly American-owned hotel, Sunset Waters Beach Resort, is only a short walk away from Signal Point (above). This American-owned hotel is in full operation and welcomes hams and ham families, with an excellent and affordable restaurant, SCUBA operator, all water sports, and a beautiful beach and pool. See http://www.sunsetwaters.com  for more information.

Ham Friendly Hotel – Kadushi Cliffs Hotel has supported a number of large groups. Some information on the hotel can be found on PJ2C's web site at: http://asgard.kent.edu/ccc/pj2c/  W0CG reports on Feb 20, 2001 that the Kadushi Cliffs is currently closed due to change of ownership.  Unclear if new owners will accommodate ham radio.  

MAP of Curacao with hotels. http://www.dutch-caribbean.net/curacao/directory.htm

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