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This website offers a starting point for people looking for a QTH for a: DXpedition, Contest Expedition, or IOTA Expedition!

The information contained in these pages has been collected from hams who have recently operated from these locations. To get started on your "DX Holiday", click on the "DXpedition Resources" for information to help plan your DXpedition.

I need your input to make this site better!  To add or change information, use the  Feedback Form.   

Happy DXpeditioning!  Kenny K2KW    About the author, K2KW...
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Updated:  July 23, 2005 (Red) . Others added/updated in May.

New Rent-a-QTHs in: PZ, CN, HK, 6W, 4Z5, KL7, V3, EA, ZL, VK (lots of new 3 point locations!)

New Ham friendly locations: NA: 6Y, FP, J7, HI EU: CU, 3A, OE, 9H OC: A3, 5W, V7, T30, VK9X, 3D2, ZK2 AF: S7

Information Updates: J7, ZK2, KP2, V2, YV0, OE, VP9, V4, 3D2, C6, P4, VP8, SM, VK3, 5W, P4, HI, 9M6, V6, HR, K, EA8, VP2V, 7Q, ZC4, TA, VK4, T7, ZF, ZK1, 8Q, KH8, VP5

Rent-A-QTH's Gone QRT: ZL1DD, VP5B, KH0, HP, HR


  • DO NOT ASK ME FOR MORE INFORMATION--Directly contact the hotel, contact, or Ham identified in the listing to determine suitability to your operation.
  • USE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I am not responsible for ANY aspect of your DXpedition.
  • DXpeditions can be HAZARDOUS. Take proper precautions.
  • I am not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in these web pages. Most of the information is no more than a few years old, but the status can change rapidly. 
  • You are responsible for finding out all the information and documentation required to travel safely and legally to these locations. 
  • I have no financial interest in these properties.
  • QSO Number: Since creation on 12 June, 2000

Thanks to the hundred's of hams who supplied information to this site. Without their help, time, and information, this site would not be possible. Happy traveling, Kenny K2KW







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