E4 - Palestine


Ham radio friendly travel agent:


Gerhard Elsigan E41/OE3GEA  Reports the following travel agent was very helpful on his trip in August 2001:


George Rishmawi, Authentic Tourism, +972-2-276-5970, fax =972-2-627-3147, george@guidingstar2.com.- George is not a radio operator himself, but will try to understand the needs described by a visiting ham. According to my own experience, he is very well connected to all Bethlehem area hotels of different price and quality levels. This makes it very easy to get a room that fits amateur radio needs, and even in difficult times where many people might be suspicious of antennae of any kind, it helps clear the way for hams. Working out of E4 is rather easy, for license information please look into the ARRL licensing info. License may take some time and usually has to be picked up in Gaza. If one needs to pick it up in Ramallah, due to communication problems between the Telecom ministry head office in Gaza, add some 2-3 days for telephone arrangements. Transport in Palestine is difficult due to road closures, but no problems at checkpoints for radio equipment. (Operated out of Beit Sahour near Bethlehem August 2001 - E41/OE3GEA.)

73, Gerhard Elsigan E41/OE3GEA

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