V2 - Antigua



Home of Antigua Super Station V26B - lots of towers and antennas.

Contact Sam Harner, WT3Q at: Tel + 717-355-2925 or Email:  wt3q@frontiernet.net Or visit the V26B Contest web page at: http://n3oc.dyndns.org/v26b.  You can also contact Roy Carty W4/V21N at Tel: + 954-962-4723


Doug, W3CF write in March 2002:

This is a ham friendly hotel that has asked Doug to act as the HAM contact to coordinate ham radio reservations. Doug has been booking the rooms at the hotel for Team Antigua for the last 9 years and they have given them a great rate for an All Inclusive DX Vacation on the sunny Island of Antigua. Doug takes care of everything from on island transportation to licensing to other island activities. Currently you have to bring your own equipment, but in the near future a rig will be provided.  Ham radio reverations will book you on the top floor of this 8 story luxury hotel.  Room included all meals, and two double beds.  Check out the link at www.w3cf.com

Doug Priest
1360 Providence Lane
Hatfield, Pa.

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