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Ham Friendly Hotel:   Vaiala Beach Cottage

Information submitted by Guenter, DL2AWG who visited on 05/2003

Vaiala Beach Cottage
Owner Nigel  email: vaialabeach@samoa.ws
Comments->the Vaiala beach cottages are is located near the capital in the north east part from Apia. It is not far and you can walk in the city.
The cottage has seven 2 bed cottages with shower and kitchen for self catering.  It is clean and every day a housemaid cleans the rooms.
A little beach for beautiful snorkeling the "deep hole " is about 400m fare.  I one of the cottage lives the owner Nigel. He comes from ZL.  
The rate 2003 rates:   60$US /per Cottage.  You can built up antennas. I have used a Hexbeam and a Windom antenna.  At my time i have had some QRM on 20 meters. But only on 20 meters

Ham Friendly Hotel: The Samoan Village Resort used by PA3AXU in 1999. Notes from PA3AXU: Resort is 40 km from Apia, on the west side of Upolu island. The place is very quiet and it has a lot of space for all kind of antennas. 10 fales (cabins) that have two or three beds each, with full kitchens.  You could use coconuts trees (20m high!) to install a 160m dipole for example. I would highly recommend this place as I saw other resorts during a tour of the island that didn't have such good possibilities to install antennas. Note that they use 117V and US plugs in this resort (with some voltage fluctuations but no problems with our switching power supply!), 240V otherwise in the rest of the island.  The resort has provided hams with 220 upon request.  The shoreline runs roughly north/south.  Fale 7 was used by PA3AXU (now ON4AXU)

Additional information from Ted K8AQM in September 2002:

Just returned from 5W0TR and 5W0DL. The Samoan Village Resort is right on the north shore and right on the ocean. We stayed in bungalow 8 and erected two Force 12 Sigma V antennas that would have landed in the ocean if they had fallen over. The resort is extremely ham radio friendly and with two meals a day our tab was only $75 per day! Lots of room for dipoles and native help to climb the palm trees. Great swimming and friendly people but limited food....good beer!

Contact: The direct Fax number is 46098. Phone is 46028. http://www.samoanvillageresorts.com   Book hotel direct and you will get a much better rate.  Fales can be rented for around $88 USD including taxes, regardless of # of people in each unit (typically 2).  Typical meals at the restaurant are:  $8 USD for breakfast, $10 USD for lunch, and +$30 for dinner.

HB9HFN also has some photos of the hotel at http://baechler.cx/dxpeditions/pacific98/accomodation.html

For a map of Upolu Island, visit HB9HFN’s web page at http://baechler.cx/dxpeditions/pacific98/images/upolu.gif


More Samoan Village Resort Comments:  from Karim, DL1VKE who visited the Samoan Village Resort in March, 2004:

Our DXpedition to the Samoan Islands in March/April 2004 was big fun. We were operating with the calls 5W0KE and 5W0SS and rented Fale 8, not the prettiest, but the best to set up antennas. The season for tourists had not yet begun, therefore we could set up 3 Antennas (2 Verticals, 1 Spiderbeam) in a wide area, even more space was left for dipoles, but there was no need to set them up too. Anyway, provide enough Coax cable, you might be happy to have much space between 2 antennas while working with 2 stations. At the time we visited Samoa, the Resort still was extremely HAM-friendly. We used switching power supplies for 110V, this Fale has American standard 110 V Plugs. For a better price talk to Mr. John Maggs, the housekeeper. Food available, but it is cheaper to walk to the shop Apolima-Uta, the village nearby...

Savai'i Island – (west of Upolu)

Self-catering Fales:  I found this surfing the net, no hams have stayed here that I know about.  K2KW Oct 2003.


Other north-side hotels:



Map showing these locations:  http://www.samoa-hotels.com/maps/savaii.gif

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