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Ham Friendly Guesthouse:  Provincial Council Shefa, Vanuatu

The following was provided by Bernhard, DL2GAC (YJ0ABS)

During Jan/Feb 2001 I operated together with DK9FN as YJ0ABS and YB0AFN from the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. Both of us had different flights and met in Vanuatu at a guesthouse, which I  knew from previous visits. The day after arrival we looked at 5 different accommodation places and settled on the guesthouse of the:

Provincial Council Shefa
Private Mail Bag 078
Port Vila
Tel: +678-22752
Fax: +678-22785

Shefa = name of the central province of Vanuatu, where the capital Port Vila, main island: Efate and surrounding islands belong to.

Shefa is a large (200m x 50m) complex in walking distance to Port Vila city center. There are 4 single story buildings on the property. Two administration buildings, one storage building, and at one end of the property is the 5 room guesthouse.  Accommodation is basic with communal kitchen, shower and toilet. We had two adjoining rooms paying 2000 Vatu/day = about 15 US-$ each. This includes a cleaning daily, and changes bed sheets 2-3 times per week.  Rooms are fan ventilated, kitchen has a large fridge and gas cooker.

The property is surrounded by a high fence and has large open lawn areas suitable for verticals with radials and is overlooking Port Vila bay.   The location is not at sea level, it is I guess about 10-20m above sea level on some kind of plateau or cliff, I guess about 300-500 m away from the seashore not far away from Radio Vanuatu, Chambre of Commerce and National Provident Fund buildings.
The guesthouse is at one end of the property, over the road from the guest-house, next door to it is the official residence of the President of Vanuatu.  Not far away from the administration building, which is nearby the opposite end of the property seen from the resthouse is a viewpoint overlooking the sea. You can't see the sea from the guesthouse because of view-blocking vegetation, trees and bushes, but you would see the sea if their would be no vegetation.

Next to the guesthouse is a slim 20m high Norfolk-Pine tree, which we used as a antenna support.  We cooked our own meals and bought provisions in the well-stocked stores and the public market in nearby town center. Vanuatu has its own cattle farms and beef fresh local beef is cheap in the store, and is cheaper than fish!

The Government tourist office of Vanuatu offers a booking service via e-mail for accommodations: their e-mail: tourism@vanuatu.com.vu website: www.vanuatutourism.com  I got a very prompt reply when I sent them an enquire by e-mail.

73 de Bernhard, DL2GAC (YJ0ABS)

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